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FCI is a newly established full-service investment banking and management consulting firm that specializes in providing advisory services and customized solutions to companies and shareholders seeking to accelerate growth and maximize shareholder value. FCI’s full range of investment banking services includes advisory for mergers & acquisitions, advisory in sourcing of debt and equity capital, advisory for balance sheet capital restructuring as well as business valuation services in support of a variety of purposes.

FCI’s team brings together in depth experience in the investment banking, capital markets and private equity sectors having being involved in more than 70 transactions in all the above stated areas. FCI with a base in Cyprus covers the South Eastern European region with particular focus on Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria.

George Katsouris

Managing Director

Our Approach

Most situations require a customized approach to accommodate the specific objectives. However, we work diligently across the five phases from planning and analysis to marketing and due diligence through negotiation and closing.

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